The batteries utilization project, which is presented on this website, (in the main part) is a non-profit public network activity. However, with a non-profit activity the enterprise "Argentum" provides recycling for subjects that use small chemical power sources in business.

Area of project realization is Ukraine. The project is presented in ukrainian language.

Enterprise "Argentum" owns this project. It is situated in Lviv.

Collecting from customers in this project are free of charge and do not require any additional liabilities.

The project is not funded by the State or the Government, any fund or local government. All costs associated with this project
co-participants pay its own.

This project
is focused on the goals of environmental protection and rational use of resources.

The purpose of this information resource is to make the processes of production, supply, use and disposal of batteries more clear and transparent. And to coordinate the efforts of various actors for efficient and environmentally friendly use and processing household batteries.












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